Restaurant Platform

for delivery-only cooks

  • Step One

    Use your phone, ipad, or laptop to instantly turn on your restaurant

    Receive automatic order requests

    Work when you want

    Start planning
  • Step Two

    Kitchens are prepacked with all your ingredients

    Brand your favorite meals

    Attract loyal customers

    Start cooking
  • Step Three

    Line cooks package your meals

    Delivery apps like UberEats and GrubHub deliver them

    It's so easy

    Try delivery-only
CloudCooks® Restaurant Traditional Restaurant
Real estate area 230 sq ft 2,500 sq ft
Employee count 5 15+
Upfront restaurant costs $30k+ $500k+
Expansion time 2-4 weeks 12-18 months
Delivery time 25 min 35 min
New brand ideas Low risk, low capital, more profits High risk, costly investment
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