an age old model

A restaurant platform that helps you deliver

Delivery Kitchens didn't always exist. We're reinventing the traditional restaurant delivery model by building professional chef kitchens located in the best areas with the goal to deliver food fast and fresh to anyone, anywhere.

Today the vast majority of food delivery takes place out of brick and mortar restaurants. These restaurants are not designed for delivery, and struggle to keep up with the growing demand online. It's decreased delivered food quality, and skyrocketed prices. That's why CloudCooks® is reinventing how food is delivered.

Open a turn-key restaurant

Traditional restaurants are not built for delivery

Traditional restaurants are built in high traffic areas, for hungry patrons to discover. This makes it tough for delivery drivers to find parking, go into a restaurant, pick-up the order, get back to their vehicle, and deliver it fast and fresh.

Delivery Kitchens are built in high traffic areas with intentionally easy in-and-out access–and with CloudCooks® all-in-one restaurant platform–chefs can have their food delivered fast and fresh.

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